How Vitamins C, E and A Can Make Your Wrinkles Disappear

As we age, we all acquire a few lines and wrinkles on our neck and face. These fine lines may appear as “smile lines” on either side of the mouth or “crow’s feet” on the outer corner of the eyes. However you look at it, no one likes wrinkles. So what really works to get rid of them?

The answer is all too simple because it is actually found in nature. Vitamins are the key to getting rid of lines and wrinkles. Yes, the vitamins that are found in every day foods like oranges, apples and carrots. But you can’t just eat these foods to make your wrinkles disappear. Doctors and dermatologists recommend getting these vitamins in concentrated form from serums and lotions.

Let’s talk about the vitamins that do best at targeting wrinkles. They are vitamins C, E and A.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

One of vitamin C’s most important roles is to maintain glowing and healthy-looking skin. The skin of young people has a lot of vitamin C. That is why young people do not have wrinkles like older people. As we age, this vitamin is not naturally produced as often in the body. It is for that reason that we need to supplement our own body’s supply of Vitamin C.

Here are a few tips for getting more vitamin C on a daily basis. Pollutants like cigarette smoke can cause the amount of vitamin C in your skin to go down. That is why if you are a smoker, you should stop. Getting too much exposure to UV light can lower your vitamin C levels too, so stay out of the sun. You should also avoid tanning beds. Finally, remember that simply preventing the loss of vitamin C won’t get rid of wrinkles that have already appeared on your face, neck and hands. Try a topical cream or serum that is full of Vitamin C to fix these wrinkles.

The Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a natural vitamin that is known to slow down the signs of aging. When scientific researchers did a study on the effects of vitamin E, they put the oil on a few grapes every day for a week. After the week was over, the scientists found that the grapes that had vitamin E oil on them looked like regular grapes. Bot the “control” grapes that did not have any oil looked prunish and wrinkly.

The same effect will happen on your skin if you use vitamin E there. This vitamin not only helps to slow down the process of aging, but it also helps in the healing process. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant. What are antioxidants? These are special substances that slow down oxidation. Oxidation is a process that involves exposure to oxygen making something deteriorate faster. For example, have you ever noticed how if you leave a bell pepper on the counter for too long, it will begin to wrinkle? The open air oxygen is doing this. Vitamin E slows down this process.

The Benefits of Vitamin A

Finally, let’s talk about vitamin A. Wrinkles are not the only annoying thing about getting older. Yes, wrinkles and fine lines may start to appear on the face, neck or chest. But have you also noticed any faint brown spots? These are called age spots, and with the right know-how, these can be eliminated just like the wrinkles. How? The answer is in vitamin A.

Vitamin A is the famous vitamin found in retinol. Perhaps you have heard of retinol. All of Hollywood’s celebrities use it to fight wrinkles and age spots, and the women in Paris have been using it for decades. No wrinkles can stand up to retinol (also known as vitamin A). But how does one use it on their skin?

There are hundreds and thousands of creams, sprays and more products that claim they are chock full of vitamin A or retinol. Their boxes claim that this is what can save you from wrinkled signs of aging. While this is true, they are forgetting one thing. To properly use vitamin A and see its benefits, you have to use it with vitamins C and E as well. Find a serum with all three of these vitamins, and you are on your way to smooth and younger looking skin.

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