How You Shouldn’t Be Using Your RevitaVie Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Used correctly, RevitaVie Anti-Wrinkle Serum can transform your skin from dull and saggy with fine lines and wrinkles to glowing, bright and youthful. This special serum has been proven to work effectively in not only stopping the signs of aging but turning back the hands of time. Clinical trial after clinical trial showed that when used the right way, the serum really did work.

But what happens if you don’t use the serum correctly? There is a certain protocol that comes with the serum, and just like there is a right way to use the serum, there is also a wrong way to use it. Here’s how you shouldn’t be using your RevitaVie Anti-Wrinkle Serum.

You shouldn’t be slathering it all over your skin in large doses

A little bit of the RevitaVi Anti-Wrinkle Serum goes a long way. You’ll need one drop or two every time you apply it to your face. If you apply it correctly, this amount will do exactly what it is supposed to and will leave you with fresh and glowing skin, free of wrinkles and fine lines.

You shouldn’t be applying it without protective sunscreen

The sun is damaging to your skin. If you go outside and stay outside for a long period of time without sunscreen on your face, you’re sure to get wrinkles and fine lines. Chances are, any fine lines that you already have right now are from the sun. RevitaVi Anti-Wrinkle Serum will make your skin even more sensitive to the UVA and UVB rays, so you must wear sunscreen over it every day and even on cloudy days. To streamline your skincare regimen, purchase a mild moisturizer that contains an SPF ingredient. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

You shouldn’t be using it with too many products

It may be tempting to purchase other skincare products that claim to do other things for your skin, but using all of these products together will not make all of their possible outcomes happen. In other words, if you have another product for acne and you use it with RevitaVi Anti-Wrinkle Serum, these two may cause a bad reaction on your skin and could damage it. Furthermore, neither product will have a chance to work.

You shouldn’t be using the serum with a an exfoliating bead scrub

Vitamin C is an exfoliating ingredient. We need exfoliating ingredients on our skin. Otherwise, dead skin cells and layers of dead skin build up and cause the skin to look dull and tired. When some people think of the word exfoliating, they think of the small beads of salt or another man-made bead product that can be slowly rubbed over the skin to wipe away dead skin cells. While these are indeed exfoliators, Vitamin C does this same thing on a chemical level. Although exfoliation is necessary, any exfoliation is somewhat harsh on your skin, so if you use both of these products together, it may result in serious irritation and more damage.

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