How to Use RevitaVie Anti-Wrinkle Serum on a Daily Basis

Even the best skin creams and serums won’t be affective if they’re not used correctly. RevitaVie Vitamin C Serum is a specially designed serum that fights fine lines and signs of again with its unique blend of vitamin E soothing oil, age-fighting vitamin A retinoids and most of all, the exfoliating and collagen-producing vitamin C. This serum from RevitaVie has higher levels of vitamin C than any other serums on the market, making it work extra well against the signs of aging. Here is how to use your RevitaVie Vitamin C Serum.

1. The Night Procedure

Let’s begin by discussing how to take care of your skin at night before you go to bed. Start by cleansing the face. Don’t purchase any fancy cleansers for this step. Your skin just needs a way to open its pores, and you need to wipe off any dirt, oil or makeup that has accumulated from the day. A mild and gentle cleanser with no special fragrances or massaging beads will work fine.

Remove makeup and wash and dry the skin

If you have eye makeup on, take this off first with a cotton pad and some organic jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a natural oil that is great for removing makeup, because it won’t clog pores. Once all of the makeup is gone, splash your face with lukewarm water. Take a dime-sized amount of the cleanser in your hands and massage it onto your skin. Do this for no longer than fifteen seconds, then rinse with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Never rub the towel over your face, because this could agitate your pores.

Apply RevitaVie to the skin

Once your skin is completely dry, put a small amount of the RevitaVie serum onto your fingertips and massage into your skin. Focus on areas where you see the most wrinkles and fine lines. If you would like to have the benefits of the serum in other areas, such as on your neck or chest, you can use a few more drops on these areas as well. Make sure to completely massage the serum into your skin. This may take several minutes, so you’ll need to be patient. If you do not spend the extra time massaging the serum into the skin, the product will just sit on top of the skin and will not penetrate and do its job.

Apply a night time moisturizer and an eye cream

Once the RivitaVie serum has been applied, wait ten minutes. You can spend this time getting yourself ready for bed or brushing your teeth. You should make sure to do this step, because otherwise the moisturizer that you apply afterward could mix with the serum and change its chemical makeup. Waiting assures that the moisturizer only seals in what the RivitaVie serum is doing.

When the skin is completely dry after about ten minutes, massage a gentle moisturizer into the skin. At this point, you can also use an eye serum if you like. Eye serums work much more gently on the delicate skin around the eyes.

2. The Day Procedure

Follow the initial steps of the night procedure

In the morning when you wake up, you can follow the first steps of the night procedure, except of course, you will not need to remove any makeup. That is, you can cleanse the face gently with a mild cleanser, dry and then apply the serum. You may do the first step of cleansing in the shower if you like. Just remember to pat dry and not rub dry when you get out.

Use a UV protective moisturizer and makeup

Much of the skin damage that occurs as we age is the result of the sun’s UV damage. To avoid any more damage from the sun, make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF during the day. The serum may also make your skin more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun, so an SPF moisturizer is absolutely necessary. If you wear, makeup, you may also want to use a foundation with an SPF. Apply the SPF moisturizer in the same way you would your night time moisturizer, waiting for the serum to dry first. After the moisturizer is also dry, you can apply makeup. Use a gently hand with foundation and concealer to assure that the Revitavie Serum stays put and fights wrinkles all day.

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